Why? When and Wisdom!

Why? When and Wisdom!

Sometimes it seems, there is just no understanding a situation, how a person might react or handle it, or how they treat you or others.

I have encountered  a lot of these situations but in the end whether I understand it or not my responsibility only is to do the right thing as I see necessary… Each time I encounter one of these situations the answer will be different and what I need to do will vary.

I want to handle things respectfully for my sake, and other people’s. I don’t want play into games and be a part of webs that people spin and set up, for whatever reason that may be. I want to walk away and still have my head held high and know that I have honoured God and myself with the way I handle it…

What am I supposed to do here? This is the question that I ask myself. If I try to look at it more objectively than I will have some chance of doing the right thing.

Learning to look at life from God’s perspective is something we must do to promote joy and peace in our lives. Set your eyes on this.
~Joyce Meyer~

More and more often for me the right thing is to learn to speak up and say what is on my mind, to speak truth and work through issues that cause me and other people to stumble around. It’s a lesson in wisdom! I ask myself ‘What does wisdom say here?”

Wisdom is the most important one to ask “What I should do?”.  Wisdom helps me rise about emotions and rather help me be sensible and mature.

Other people are other people and we are never going to be able to control them, anything about them, their tone, their words, their intentions, their actions… What we can control, what we can change are the ‘Why, when & Wisdom’ in a situation~

Just something to think about…

~Cam Richmond~


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