Whose Battle is it?

I have been processing my internal thoughts and battles.

I really NEED to stop trying to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.

I claim to not carry this weight but in fact, I do carry it.  I am human.

The only way for me to not carry it, is for me to be spending a lot more time in prayer than I currently am, otherwise, how could I ever hope to keep my eyes open and take interest with what is happening all over the world? I would also have to close my eyes and stop looking.

I am an observer, a see-er, an acknowledger, but then ‘knowing’ is carrying to a great extent.

I see people in pain, in turmoil, hurt, broken, carrying shame.

I see death, illness, murder, justification of heinous acts.

I see addictions and allergic reactions to life’s events, trauma, turmoil, and no-win situations.

I see helplessness, no help, fear that controls.

I see people running for their lives, trapped, dying, starving, crying, ailing.

That is the very ugly side of reality.

All points of prayer.

I grieve over all I see

I believe God is grieved too. His heart would break if it were possible, at seeing the things that we do to each other, to this planet. And in His grace, he waits till the time comes.

I see flowers, creation, life, and how the balance, in all this works is hard to comprehend …..

It makes me sceptical, doubtful, hopeless, concerned.

That’s probably why so many people don’t want to see, they close their eyes and ears, change the channel or try to make these become as much like water off a ducks back as they can.

Everything is pointing me towards prayer… The battle is not mine, its the Lord’s and it is won in prayer.

Prayer can change so much more than thinking, seeing or knowing ever will. This what I need to do with this burden that I carry. It’s the way to pro-actively deal with this. And empower miracles as prayer paves the way.

We don’t just see things to see them, we see things to pray about them. When we understand the power of prayer and realise it is the beginning point and the ending point then we can see miracles happen, burdens be lightened and Gods will take place right in front of us.

~Cam Richmond~


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