Who will you turn to?

A friend of mine shared a poster on her Facebook wall… the words were along the lines of this: 

“We don’t need to get people to church we need to get them to Jesus”

A friend of hers commented on  this and said:

“People who are afraid of hell turn to religion. 

People who have been to hell turn to spirituality.”

This comment really didn’t makes any sense to me and its certainly not true for me either. 

This is the way  I see it….  A lot of churches are about religion. If we are religious it wont get us anywhere, we can’t possible keep all the rules, nor for even one day…. But Jesus, Jesus on the other hand is all about relationship. 

Being scared of hell had nothing to do with it for me…. I had always believed in God… and I found His reality in relationship with Him and not within four walls of a building or from a minister. 

As a matter of fact I was about to stop going to the traditional church that I had been going to all my life – it was a duty and a family tradition,  It was a bunch of rules and regulations, and I knew that wouldn’t cut it for me, no matter how good I was.

I can tell you I had been to hell through family experiences for all my growing up years, I knew exactly what that was like, and then I turned to someone tangible,  not to someone out there, who might be there or not.. 

People who have been to hell can turn to and rely on someone who actually went to hell for them…. that is love with arms open wide.

He opened the way to God for me… all my goodness is filthy rags really…. Me, myself and I will get myself no where in the end, but Jesus opened the way to relationship with God…. 

All the positive talk we hear about how ‘we’ can make anything happen in our lives, can in some instances work, but the biggest miracles come from a source outside of ourselves who gives us grace and hope and peace. 

And what does it all mean? What is life about? How did we all get here? And where are we going? 

Did a big bang create this intricate complexity of a world, did it create our amazing bodies?….The thought of creation blows my mind…

To me the answer is no…

I believe in creation and if you think about it I believe it takes at least as much faith to believe in creation as it does to believe in evolution.

That’s the only question we need to answer for ourselves and after that to me there is only one answer… a creator, who went to hell for us so we don’t need to go there, not just for eternity but even in the here and now.

~Cam Richmond~

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