Where is it all heading?

Where it’s all heading…

I was out walking after work today and a few thoughts started collecting in my mind. I think that what has come to me is actually quite profound, and I know this is something God is showing me like you, I have been looking at the families out walking together during the day, people exercising or taking their dog for a walk, riding their bikes. I could see families in their houses serving up dinner all together at their tables, there was evidence of children who had been at play during the day, colourful drawings on the pavement and toys and play equipment strewn in front gardens…

Its really quite an idyllic change in lifestyle that we are all experiencing, apart from the fact of course that there are all the terrible terrible ramifications that are also happening. In some ways its a little hard not to enjoy some of these changes, like working from home and being together, and the simplicities we’ve found, etc.

In the meantime, so much of the debauchery, extravagance, wastage, excesses, etc of society, have almost ground to a halt. So many of the evils of society have been hindered, along with so many ‘good’ things that people have been using as a crutch and support, and that bring meaning and purpose to their lives that are apart from God.

It was after these I had these thoughts that I believe God showed me something, a glimpse into some parallel futures soon coming our way.

At the end of this season of lockdown, there are several pathways that societies and peoples will go down…

The Road that leads to life…
There are people that have been drawn back to their more wholesome roots. They have discovered or rediscovered a better way to live.

Once lockdown is over, it’s these people who may want to keep this newfound way of living, there are people that will not want to return to the fast-paced, disposable, and destructive society.

Its more likely that these are the kind of people that may also be drawn to seeking God, and the meaning of their lives and seek to know what this life is really all about.

I pray that these people will find God, will find the Saviour that can save them in and out of this morally decaying world, for now, and eternity.
These are the people that we should especially want to share our faith with as they will see and understand the value of the morals that have kept us and used to make our society better.

These are the people that are being given a chance to find God in the last days and escape this corrupt world.

The Road that leads to death...
So, there are also people, that will take a very different pathway out of this state of lockdown.

There are people that are not coping at all with this lockdown, they might be feeling like chained animals desperately seeking to get off the leash.

I believe that when lockdown ends we will see people enter into a newfound era of decadence, celebration, they will be making up for the lost time in the worst ways, and finding new extremes. They will be drinking and partying and experimenting with all kinds of things to soothe them, to get ‘what they deserve’, after all, why shouldn’t they?

These people are more likely to be closed to God, blinded by all the ‘shiny lights’ of the things that will make them ‘feel’ good and numb the pain. Their eyes are more likely to be blinded to the truth and their hearts are more likely to be cold to God, and lusting after the flesh and all its pleasures, looking for the next high!

The Days of…
What I sensed was that it could be like a return to the ‘days of Noah’, the era of Sodom and Gomorrah, the era of the children of Israel starting to worship the golden calf while Moses was up on the mountain with God.

Can you imagine and envision what that will look and sound like? I can.

This will easily lend itself to everything that satan and the coming antichrist want.

The Middle Road...
There are people that are stuck in the middle, they have been badly affected and have lost so much, they are wounded and stressed in every area of their lives. These ones could go either way. Hopefully, they will also find the salvation of their souls rather than looking for meaning, hope, and answers in the temporary things of this world.

And what else has happened in lockdown…
We have all been fast-tracked down a funnel. It’s a path we could have NEVER imagined occurring. But it’s a pathway that takes us directly to the cusp of the Rapture and also for humanity to be perfectly poised and set up for the next scene.

People are prepared to blindly follow governments and authority due to fear and media manipulation. People are scared so they will accept vaccines and anything else that will protect themselves and their families going forward.

Society has been divided and conquered from babes to our elderly. That’s just what the enemy wants. We cannot have unity if we are separated and once we are separated we are more easily manipulated.

Technology has been forced on us ALL. We liked doing it our way and now we have HAD to accept how it COULD be done.

We are ok with being told what to do, we have hardly blinked, we just followed orders for the good of us all.

Money is not changing hands…. yes that’s right, cash is dirty, possibly contaminated and so most shops have signs that they are not accepting cash. They need electronic payment in one way or another.

People see the sense in governments knowing where they are, again it’s to protect us all. They see the sense of cutting out ‘fake news’, and limiting freedoms as that adversely affects the whole of society badly.

This is where we are headed, I believe this is what God is showing me is a path that we are destined to head… one way… or the other… literally!

It’s all coming to pass in front of our eyes.
It should increase our sense of urgency, and our desire to pray, share, read, and worship.
It should direct your time and energy to be used wisely.

Give this your earnest consideration!


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