Where is your hope found?

Where is your hope found?

All the talk used to be about world peace. Looks like we’ve ruined any chance of that.

The world is so fractured right now that it’s actually about to splinter. I never, in my wildest imagination expected what we are experiencing today. Civilization has become completely uncivilized and almost rabid!!! We are going backward at a rate of knots. Any chance we had for stability seems to be vanishing right before our eyes.

Where is your hope found?
Mine is in God our creator. He is The supreme supernatural force.

There is no other person or thing, natural or supernatural, that can save humanity from itself.

Our world has never been so close to the edge. At times over recent centuries, we may have gotten close to the ‘road to peace’, but we’ve long passed that one by now.

This is a wake-up call.
What will you do about it!!????
~Cam Richmond~

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