What should be most important in this life for the Christian?

What should be most important in this life for the Christian?

God is paramount. Name above all names. We would all agree on that!

After firstly setting that out… What should be the most important in this life for the Christian?
Right now, today, what is the most important thing for us?

My answer… sharing the gospel, praying fervently for our loved ones, studying the word, knowing God, serving Him, all of these will naturally lead us to desire to purify ourselves and to becoming more like him. Cause and effect.

We are passionate about many different things in this life, and many, many of these things are important causes, in and of themselves there may be nothing wrong. However, in this day and age, there is the outrage about this, that and the other, time is short, do these things really matter in the light of eternity? Will they make any difference to the salvation of friends and family?

PLEASE don’t let the causes, protests, debates, etc be the cause of distraction from the MAIN THINGS that we need to be doing and focusing on today. I used to get so mad about untruths that I heard in the media, I still hear them loud and clear, but I don’t have time to focus on that anymore… I get way madder when I hear a preacher going off track, or heresy or watering down the gospel. For people that don’t know Him, their eternity is at stake!

There is not much point in me trying to change things in the world that make me mad anymore. We know how the story ends, we can watch the prelude to the end live streaming around us right now! Time is running out for this planet and people that don’t know Him.
What then really matters? #Eternitymatters Eternity is a long time 😉
~ Cam Richmond~

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