~Wearing your heart on your sleeve!~


~Wearing your heart on your sleeve!~

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a wonderful thing to some extent. I have always been a fairly open book and I share a lot of things quite openly. I have always found that more than anything people usually relate to the things I am sharing and find it refreshing because it often can help put them at ease.

As I share I gain a sense of camaraderie with people, unity, empathy, oneness, the channels between me and almost perfect strangers can be opened up in a matter of a few sentences.

People can learn from the things you and I share but there are some who don’t want to know and there can come a point where people don’t want to know about it and you have to know when that is! How much is too much? You have to learn what and what is not appropriate and when there may be a case of verbal diarrhea happening and you may not be aware of it at all.

I think a good yard stick are the responses that you are getting from people you share with. If they are not even commenting anymore when you share something then that can be a sign that they are perhaps over it.

What is the balance of speaking your thoughts out aloud? I think that knowing your audience is a big key here! Also realising the consequences of the spoken word, once the words are spoken you can’t gather them all back up and put them back in your mouth!

Some people maybe need to tone it down and take a few steps back and then there are others who are like stones that don’t speak…. Try and find the balance. We were born into this world for relationship so lets not spoil it and let’s make the most of it too!

All things in moderation my Mum always used to say!

~Cam Richmond~


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