Unite over eternity…

Unite over eternity…

I am so, so saddened… so sad to read through Facebook posts and to read of Christians walking away from the clarity that the Word of God gives and to being divided, and what’s more, they are being divided from the more important mission of sharing Jesus with as many as we can, because surely His return is imminent.

Is what you believe about hotbed issues more important to you than their eternity of friends and families?

A huge deception is setting in, and the church is under the cloud. I never thought I would see the day. I guess we always knew it would come to this, but to see it is so grievous to me.

Over the last 10 years, I have been unfriended by two local pastors because they don’t like what I say, and what I say isn’t bad at all… Christians are becoming just as militant and leftist as the world. Regardless, I am sticking to the traditional interpretations of the bible, what I believe, is, unfortunately, becoming a great dividing line.

In the end, the world can do what the world wants, I won’t impose on them, but it seems they can impose on me. I really thought that Christians would follow the Lord precepts but the precepts of the Lord have been open to interpretation.

I know that many Christians obviously don’t agree with me. They are losing the whole focus our mission, which is to go into all the world and preach the gospel… to share Him, not unite and divide over causes.

Now is the time to stand together over HIM and not over these causes… I am so saddened. It can only make me pray more… I have to pray more. We should be uniting over eternity.
#eternitymatters… Forget the ’causes’ and follow the Saviour.

~Cam Richmond~

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