Under Pressure…



Under Pressure…

Had a deep and meaningful conversation with a beautiful friend last night. Just talking about the goings on in our worlds.

It’s funny how life just ticks along and for each of us there are different stress points and stressors. We each handle them completely differently.

I realised that I was obviously stressed out… Like most of us subconsciously and consciously trying to deal with this, sort that out, make a decision here, figure out what’s best there, juggling the arenas of our lives.

We’re not aware of a lot of this often based on how we have learnt to deal with the stressors in our lives, our families, our histories.

It’s just like ‘okay what do I have to deal with next’ and then we deal with it… And like most of us we have to deal with all these things whilst carrying on with the day to day, working full time, taking care of ill family members etc…

It can all become so normal that we function not even realising that the pressure cooker is on…

Especially if we are used to pressure through our lives, we may not even realise until something starts to give, we don’t cope, or we experience unusual reactions to every day things that indicate we are not coping.

I am seeing signs of people’s pressure cookers around me… Someone may seem to overreact to something, snap, or even totally avoid things…

But it wasn’t until my friend brought this possibility to the surface that maybe some of the reactions and responses I was having were an symptoms of underlying stress…

Growing up in a family that was constant tension equipped me fantastically with above average skills in coping…

Unfortunately this can tend to mask the fact that you are ‘going through something’ because you just add it to the list of normal things…

I despise tension and stress and unfortunately we can only barely control ourselves let alone anyone else in our lives…

At times we NEED to find a place of respite in order to keep our own peace, we need to recognize the symptoms and take the necessary action, making time for ourselves, going underground even, till we can regain our equilibrium?

Is the pressure cooker building up steam? Do you recognise the symptoms? Do you need to find a place to release the pressure valve?

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~

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