Total Recall…

Thoughts go in and out if my mind so quickly it amazes me! I get on a train of thought and then the thoughts start coming thick and fast. I’m even talking about good thoughts, ideas, things you want to remember, and as quick as they appeared in their as quickly they depart again… Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with your own self!

Just think then how many thoughts go unrecognised, flitting here and there and in and out of your subconscious mind, into the fore and then back again. Many times I have gone to bed thinking about something and I say to myself that I MUST remember this in the morning! I give myself one word that will help me remember it, like a key word but I have found time and time again that it doesn’t work.

Morning comes and with it there is no memory of what I wanted to remember! This used to happen to me so often that I would leave a notepad next to my bedside so I could write in the night if something came to me, many times I have even just written on my hand in the dark so I don’t forget.

I’m using this example to show you that even when you want to try to remember certain things there is still a huge chance that if you don’t do something external then you may not remember it at all. It may be gone and forgotten!

We need to be mindful of this…. Thoughts change things even if and when they are forgotten! Have you ever experienced when you have forgotten something and then someone says one word that triggers your memory and then it’s all right there fresh and clear in your mind again. So what we think about is of the utmost importance, it is all going in there and taking up residence. Just because you forgot the thought doesn’t mean it hasn’t already done its damage the split second it got there!

Guard your mind, consider how many things you have dwelt on in your life and then consider how these thoughts have influenced every stage and then consider a mind sweeping!
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