To The Unforgotten…


Dear friend, 
I have had you on my heart, you come to my mind and visit 
my dreams and you would never even know.

You would think that I had forgotten you but through 
the years I have thought of you at different times and 
wondered of your well-being. 

It has been so long since I saw you and so many hills, 
valleys, mountains and plains have passed between us 
but God has journeyed with each of us and He 
is the bridge the bridge over all of the still, 
peaceful and troubled waters in our lives.

I just want you to know that whatever as happened 
in your life my heart goes out to you and I am sorry 
for your pains and heartaches… None of us can avoid them. 

May your heart be healed and mended, gently sewn 
together with patches of His love that can fill any 
gap well…

You don’t have to explain it to me, just know that 
you are accepted and loved.

God has watched between us while we have been 
apart one from another.

All my love

I had a friend on my heart and I wrote this for her… it is not of importance to anyone else but me who it is… She may never read this but that isn’t the point.

There are so many of us that have ‘unforgotten’ ones in our lives, lost through death or sickness, time, circumstances, ill will, offence or choice.

We may not all feel about them as I do here about my friend but there are other ‘unforgotten’ ones in my life, that when I think of, there is pain and grief, loss and fear….

I give each one of these to God and ask him to watch between us while we are apart and I ask Him to decide whether these ones should become a part of my life again…

There are those who take themselves away… for many reasons… and I pray such as these find peace and healing in their lives and that once again they may be brought back to us… But only when the time is right, when there is no pain, when there is healing and wholeness and readiness.

He gives us some for a reason, some for a season and some for a lifetime. We must come to a peace about this, and learn to let go of different relationships… It doesn’t mean the love is not there, it just means there is wisdom there <3

Much love


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  1. You should post this prayer on your FB page. It affects many of us. It’s a good way to work through our struggles with lost people in our lives. People that we so care about. So many hurts. Some seems so un-necessary. But then you think, things happen for reasons and people come in and out of our lives for reasons. I have several friends that have come back into my life, Thank God! So thankful for that. It really has made me appreciate what friendship really is. Did I say THANK GOD!!! Thank you, Cam! xo

    • Thanks so much Chris… I have posted it as the blog post but I will also post it as a poster later too =) Yes we do have these people in our lives and I think it speaks to our hearts of our pain and expressing loss and love. Yes THANK GOD, thanks Chris Mwah! Love you Cam xox

  2. This of course speaks volumes from the heart of wise love …
    moving us ever so close to that limitless love that flows from our divine nature .
    Thank you for the expressions from beyond the words written out of the words lived.
    GOD Bless

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