Time For Me to Live….

It’s funny how I know I’m getting old, I know it in my head but I don’t feel any different. I feel as if I’m ready to go running out there and join in on some adventure.

I had an uncle and aunt that lived on a farm when was young and whenever I went to stay I loved every minute of it. I loved the chooks and the creek, the frogs and the lizards. I loved the bush camp fires, the huge cubby houses we built on the farm and the cows mooing in the morning and the green paddocks. I loved going down to the dam early in the morning and collecting tadpoles. If there was a tree to be cut down my uncle was the man for the job. He would come over in his Landcruiser with his chainsaw to cut it down and there was something about it I loved.

Being with our friends on their property this weekend thirty something years later it all comes back to me as my 18 year old son went running off down the paddock in the dark with our friend and a spotlight and rifle to get the fox that had been attacking the sheep. There I was starting to follow down the driveway but I’m in my grey flat ballerina shoes and I can’t go any further. Oh what a disappointment. I’m going to go out and buy some Blundstone work boots to wear on the farm because next time I want to go with them.

Long story short years may pass, time may have flown but you are the same you as ever. Same person you were as a kid playing with frogs and tadpoles. These memories make me feel like a kid again, like I want to get right into it. So what stops us, we don’t always have to let our age or stage stop us. Why not just do it anyway? So I had a go! I rode a quad bike for the first time too and did all sorts of thing this weekend. I am ready to try all sorts of things!

Now is the time of our lives! Not later… Now not later! What are we waiting for… a more opportune time? Will that time come again? Embrace the minute, the day, the season and make of it what you can!

Sometimes we keep putting off for tomorrow what we can do today when today has been given to us already.

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~Cam Richmond~

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  1. Haha, I feel like i’m getting old and i’m not even past 30 yet!!!

    This is really good though, it’s kind of like the whole ‘next generation’ argument as well, when actually, we are the church of TODAY. When we start looking ahead of ourselves we forget our own roles.

    Well done! 🙂

    (Feel free to check out my latest blog http://kommym.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/no-diving/ )

  2. Wait till you get to 42 Kommy! OMGoodness I notice the difference and now I have to do something about it. Thanks for writing by the way, you are the first person to ever comment on my WP blog which is only new. Makes me feel as if its a real blog 🙂

    I checked out your blog too. I love your catch phrase ‘I like to write things when there’s no one to say them to’ 🙂 Loved your analogy.

    I also have a FB page or two LOL: https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Light-For-Life/104613662920134

    • Haha, it will hopefully be a very long wait!

      You have a lot of ‘likes’ on the facebook page for someone with a brand new blog! What’s your secret?!

      Kommy 🙂

      • Hi Kommy 🙂
        Well I guess up to now FB has really done everything I have needed it to do. I am starting to see the value of WP and learning how to use it now. I guess no one is more surprised than me I guess but dont things have their ‘time to bloom’? Mine did I guess and serveral months ago I only had 87 followers for many years then FB changed the way they did ‘Pages’ and all of a sudden I was out there interacting with ‘pages’ and people were following my comments back to my blog and it just went from there. I dont do anything to make it happen anymore. I am too busy focusing on what I am writing and sharing.

        I think the key is being very real, relatable and personable, and empathisiing with people, sprinkled with a very generous serving of encouragment and hope. So many people searching out there. So here am I blogging now after writing for quite a few years. Interesting how you can plod along for years in the same old well worn groove and then all of a sudden you come across a highway! There is something to be said for faithfully plodding along till you get your break. To me its about the people I get to encourage and not ‘making it’…

        Have you been blogging for a long time?

        Cam 🙂

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