There are worse things in the world…



There’s worse things in the world…

Mmmmm don’t I wish I could dye my hair… I hate the fact that I can’t dye it, at all, ever again but if it’s a choice between dye and die I think I won’t dye…

It’s pretty hard to accept that you can’t dye your hair. In 2012 I had severe allergic reactions to hair dye. It has been coming on for a long while… I didn’t read the signs….

An ingredient that’s in 99% of hair dyes, even the all natural ones, including Henna called PPD is the culprit. I spent ages researching on line, maybe I will again but I would need to buy the dye from overseas.. And they don’t work well, and I’d need up find an allergist to confirm it would be safe for ME!

If I dye my hair again, simply put I could die… Having black hair makes it all the worse.

I wish I could wear a sign that says ‘yes I know I’m going grey, no I’m not too lazy up dye it, yes I do care about how I look,’ I have made it past the stage of the need to explain it to people I meet but I don’t often.

The fact that I can’t see myself lol except in the mirror helps however… I do love myself. I am so blessed to have a husband that loves me way way past the superficial and I’ve always known this despite the way I felt about myself…

And…. I am also VERY proud of myself , how I have handled this, and that I have managed to keep my feelings about it all balanced and in perspective!

I am very proud of this…. For a woman whose pride is supposed to be her hair I’ve coped pretty well… Of course this is a very first world problem but nevertheless it’s a real self esteem issue isn’t it…

I love myself for who I am for who I’ve become and who I’m becoming… And my newest life motto , which helps me in practically every situation helps me every time…

“There’s worse things in the world”
~Cam Richmond~

That’s helping me every day to put each thing that happens in my life into perspective. It lifts me up and out of all potential pitfalls!!

I know people tell me it suits me,it looks great, I wear it well, it blends in etc but when you are the one bring told it’s sometimes hard to believe it!

However…. There ARE worse things in the world!!!

Just something to think about…

~Cam Richmond~

The inspiration for this post came from this article via Huffington Post:

PS… My hair is getting worse and worse grey… This photo was taken a few months ago… I have a bit of a Cruella Deville streak going on my right side! Such is life!!!

PSS… I usually hate most photos of me but occasionally I find one I like 🙂


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