The unseen…

Today as we go through our day there are prayers, even unspoken prayers, that are close to our hearts. Prayers for loved ones, for unmet needs, God is at work in the unseen.

Faith is believing without seeing, and trust is knowing that God is already at work, even today God is at work in the unseen realms.

The prayers that we pray are at work, the angels do the bidding of His word.

Although we can’t see, and although we aren’t with the people that we are praying for every minute of every day, God is moving.

He is sending people across other people’s paths, he is leaving countless signs all around them, though they may remain unseen. He is whispering his thoughts into their unconsciousness, He is allowing them to see the headlines in the newspaper, on the televisions, in social media, on the internet, He is bringing things to their remembrance, things come to the forefront of their minds, a situation will trigger a memory or a heartache that will remind them of their need and bring them one step closer to the fruition and answer we are waiting for.

He is at work, stirring the hearts of people all around the world…. and we cannot see it. Not because we are blind but because we can’t be all the places where God is. We are limited to this body.

We should be mindful of this today as we go through our day. God is at work, he prompts the people we are praying for and moves things into place for the answers to our prayers.

Be excited that He hears, He knows, He listens and He is at WORK on our behalf’s to bring the answers. The answers don’t always come the way we expect, they are not always the things we asked for, they may not look the same as what we think we need but He is moving by His Spirit in the lives of people all over the world, to bring about His will, his plan.

~Cam Richmond~


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