The things we are fed.

What we feed on feeds us!

I wonder if everything we see, read and hear from different sources is all propaganda of some description?
I believe what I believe.
You believe what you believe.

They may be complete opposite beliefs… yet we both believe them.

How can this be so?

How do we really KNOW?
People die and fight for what they believe.  And it might not even be the truth but they believed it is.

How do we figure it out in a world filled with so many me-isms.
(I will look after me – no one else will, look after No.1)
How do we figure it out in a world filled with so many complete opposite versions of the ‘truth’?
I guess it depends on whom you listen to?!

Even the most seemingly reliable sources might be not telling what really happened, but it could well be what they believe happened or what someone else they trust told them what happened…. Or perhaps its an all out lie for their benefit. Perhaps they are doing it for their own gain.

Presidents and Prime Ministers have lied, Politicians have lied, Police and Medical people lie… Ministers of religion have lied…..
None perfect! MOST probably don’t claim to be perfect either but in their respective offices we give them credence.

In this world filled with propaganda.
I believe God.
I believe He sent His Son to die for me.

There is no catch there…. just LOVE.
He has nothing to gain from me… I am but ONE, but He loves me.

Who do you listen to?
How do you know what to believe?

~Cam Richmond~


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