The Man in the moon….



The Man in the Moon…

Out for a walk in the big old moon is shining on me.

A huge beautiful Moon and it was only 18 March I thought the full moon was later or earlier in the middle?

This morning God is the moon, quietly peacefully watching me everywhere I go.

While I have been rushing around this huge beautiful moon has been quietly standing by and God is showing me that he is there with me all the time at every turn.

I may not notice his presence because I’m so busy running around with all the things that demand my attention while God who is a gentleman Waits patiently for me to look up.

The sun by day the moon by night. Whether I notice them or not they are overshadowing me.

The sun is the one that shines brightly with me in times of happiness, joy, peace, The moon is the one that stands by me in times of darkness trouble pressure stress fear and worry.

At every turn regardless of whether we are looking or seeing or not he is still with us and he even speaks to us through creation to remind us.

And even if we can’t see the moon or the sun the is fact is they are always there behind the clouds.

And even the clouds speak to me of his presence for they are like a cloak that covers me, like the holy spirit that watches over me.

And if there are no clouds in the sky, the holy spirit is the rain that soaks down and the gentle breeze that blows and He is the air I breathe. I am not alone unless I choose to be.

Just something to think about….

~Cam Richmond~


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