The King is coming…

The King is coming…

What if the king should return?
What if this was your last week?
Where do you stand?
Where do your friends and family stand?

If you know that the King could come at any moment then what is your plan?
Do you have an urgency?

Do you have a sense of urgency for your friends and loved ones? For your family and those that are closest to your heart?

If you don’t have a sense of urgency I really pray this sense of urgency overtakes you!!!

Whether it’s perceived or a real, when a harmful event, attack or threat occurs there are two responses that happen, these motivate us… fight and flight…

If we have the knowledge and sense of the reality of a SOON coming King I would think it would also stir us, hopefully into flight, in thought and in active plans to do what is necessary to alleviate this sense.

We need to be stirred into mobility, and into doing the things that this has stirred in us to do.

I pray that this sense of urgency will lead you to do and say the things that you need to.

First of all I pray that this urgency would lead you to prayer.

I pray that this urgency would lead you to consider all those around you and their eternal destiny.

Secondly to be led by God into sharing your faith and the hope of the gospel, especially with those who you see are searching.

There are as it were ‘lights on’ in the people that are open to know and are searching, God will show us these when he sees we are on the lookout.

Do you have a sense of urgency the king could come at any time?

~Cam Richmond~

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