The Holy Grail of Love

Our mothers and our fathers can not save us and rescue us in the way we long for them to.

As children our natural instinct, which is actually perhaps a supernatural instinct is to look to them for all of that.

Sadly there are so many parents which devastate this undertaking to care for us, by their own frailty, their wounds and weaknesses or even by who they have become now, which may be just very hard or cold.Where did all this come from in them? Ironically from the same type of wounds that we may have received from them, either purposely or unwittingly.

So still today, whether they have hurt us or not, we are longing for this rescue, saving, nurture and so much more from them and they may not themselves be able to give or receive what it is we long for.

This supernaturally natural instinct is actually a drive that God implanted in each of us to draw us to Him, in which is the only true place to find what we have all been searching for… knowingly or even unknowingly.

Indeed I believe this is the holy grail!!! The reunion of God and His child for their eternal well-being, their healing and to find the love that can only be found in him, the rescue and comfort and saving we need in the terrible storms of life or even the affirmation we require in our daily living.


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  1. so so true Cam. A lesson I’ve been realizing lately too. Thank you

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