MyPsalms 25-27 ~ Letters to God

MYPSALMS 25-27… I’m reading through the Psalms and I’m writing my own MyPsalms… They are a wonderful way to connect God and I in real conversation. I hope you are enjoying them. Maybe you will feel inspired to write your own Psalms! My desire is to find this place of intimacy, this place of desire and knowing, this place of dependence on Him in all things. My days are so full that I just blow through them with working full-time and all the requirements of a family and then I wonder did I talk to God at all during the day?” MyPsalms 25-27 are below and the links to the album that will contain all of them =) I hope you enjoy them. To keep up with them each day please go and visit my Facebook page The Answer I’ve Found and see the Album ~My Psalms… Letters to God~ MyPsalm 25 Day 25 Read…

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Blog on!

Well how often do people post that as a post title? I am betting its a fair bit. So I’m thinking I am picking up blogging again… Yes its been awhile but I have been a tad busy! Even trying to post this first post after my long absence has taken me 2 days to write. So many interruptions in life!  It feels quite difficult to get the time to get things done. I am huge on Facebook, people say I live there! So this is a very different platform for me but actually quite refreshing cos its just a matter of spilling out what is going on and hitting PUBLISH! So that is my reintroduction of myself  back into the blogging world! If I am not here you can always find me on Facebook on my 3 pages: Light for Life – where I share the things that I learn, often…

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The New World of WordPress!

Well this is really officially my first post in WordPress. I’ve been writing for a long time and it has taken me a long time to make it to WordPress but here I am. It just seemed a little too complicated for me but I think I get the hang of it now, the basics anyway. I am looking forward to using this and gaining the benefits and experiences of ‘blogging’ to teach me more and reach more people with a positive inspirational touch to their days. You can find me on Facebook… Light for Life: The Answer I’ve Found : ….and also on Blogger at Light for Life:

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