~The ‘Wait and See Principle~

~The ‘Wait and See’ Principle~ When different things are happening in our lives and we are not sure what will happen in the end one of the best principles we can apply is the ‘wait and see’ principle. Waiting and seeing is what we are learning about life! We get enough practice at it and we do it every day of our lives, perhaps even every hour of our lives. Its always going on. If we would only wait and then see before going into major meltdowns that would be so beneficial. Waiting and see would lessen the amount of arguments, fights, disagreements, opinions, stress, illness, fear and worry etc. Maybe we should begin to CONSCIOUSLY apply the ‘wait and see’ principle and see what a difference that makes to our days and weeks. It might annoy the ‘find out, get it done immediately’ people (mind you I am more a…

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