Its a crop out!

How much of our real lives are cropped out so others only see the good bits? I take a lot of photos of my garden and it looks very beautiful. Of course I take photos of all the beautiful parts! Real life always has the messy, ugly bits and in my garden there are a lot of things around our house outside that I would prefer not to be there. My husband is a tradesman and builder and so consequently there are bricks, timber, tools, off-cuts of wood. He needs these things for the work he does, but when I look around I would much prefer they were out of sight. It would be lovely for everything to be neat as a pin, and it only contained beautiful things that belong in a cottage garden, lots of colour, foliage, and lots of special touches. So when I take photos of…

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The Weight of the World

The Weight of the World   The world is in a really sad state of affairs. Everywhere I look, I see, hear and read things which are really so sad. One brother blames another brother. One calls out another, when there is already a speck in his eye. Lives are destroyed. When if ever will this end? Even sadder the truth that a lot of these people should know better. Don’t they realise in their well meaning stances they are exacerbating world crisis? The world is in a heightened state… I don’t know if you feel it but I do. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names WILL still hurt me… You know that feeling? When you don’t think there is anything wrong but then you notice the tension in your shoulders. I mean check yourself now? Do you need to consciously relax your shoulders from the weight…

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I tend towards peace

I tend towards peace…. I always tend towards peace. Tension aggression, shouting, swearing, loud voices, accusations, ranting, always immediately cause me to shut my gates.  Ok so I have told you all before, I grew up with a lot of that… Not the swearing though, but raised voices, accusations, arguments, verbal tirades, they could go on for hours and hours. You may not have been the one on centre stage taking the floor and being pulled to pieces but once it started everyone got a chance.   I shudder to think about those many many many times now, and actually I only remember them as a whole the details are very much a blur and I’m more than happy for them to stay that way. I wonder if I was the person I am now what would I have done back then but that would never have been possible.  …

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