My life is a squeeze….

How do I unsqueeze my life? This is the question I had asked myself A LOT! I had spent months particularly trying to think of ways to re-jig my life and make it work better for me. So much I need to fit into each day and keeping everyone happy especially the ones that mean the most to me was challenging. I decided I could do at least 5 things at a time, or in a day and do them fairly well. That included things I need to do and things I want to do. I decided I didn’t really know how to measure that but I know I never only do one thing at a time, and more often than not, I will try and do way more than 5 things at a time. I would more likely try and do at least 10 things of the want and need variety. Sooo… Here…

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I have a strong sense at the moment that I am chasing myself around in circles. I am on holidays and I had planned on working  on streamlining things in my life but at the moment because I have been researching lots of different things that I havent had time to do before; I have actually created more OPTIONS for myself! In seeking to minimize I wonder how it is that the time I would need to do all these things got multiplied so easily? I mean after all there are only so many hours in the day and even then there are things we must do as a priority and also there are clearly limits to our physical bodies which exist in time and space! I think options are a great thing, I always want options. Ask my friends and family. Whenever its possible to have an option rather…

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Time Management & The Hundreds and Thousands of Life

Life is hectic, its fast, its full of all sorts of things that we need and that we don’t need! I need to cull somethings out of my life so that I am not running all the time. ~Little Things Add Up!~My life is just a bit crazy busy, it never seems to stop in one way or another and I need to do something about it. I am a detailed person so I like all the detailed things about life, my life and our life, but perhaps I don’t have time for all the details anymore. I need to do some culling and when you look at that, its often hard to imagine what to cull and if you really can or want to cull something. I mean I’m not going to stop doing art or writing or doing the shopping for that matter… all essentials to me! Anyway…

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