The Valley Between

There is a valley between that elusive place of peace and happiness and the real life that we live in. I have been chasing peace and happiness…., just simple peace and happiness…. not even immense serenity and overflowing joy, just peace and happiness, a life without drama, a life with no illness, no doctors, no forms and paperwork, no out of the ordinary problems or dramas, a life without ill loved ones, people struggling, injustice and the list goes on. I believe life has a higher purpose and that is where I find my meaning. The things that used to bring me wholeness, joy, mean ing etc just don’t do that anymore… I see things through an eternal perspective and I know things here just keep getting more difficult, complicated and the way the world is going… diabolical. The more I hope for this peace here on earth the more elusive it seems. I…

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*****THOUGHT FOR THE DAY***** Serenity… Where do you find serenity? It’s such important vital underrated ingredient in our life. It can offset everything else that goes on in your life. My serenity this last week has been found in some beautiful morning walks that are not based on haste and busting my boiler but on time, quiet, slowing my inner being back down. I’m listening to some beautiful soaking music and Gods presence with me… My health hasn’t been good for nearly 12 months. Starting here is a good place in his presence. I used to feel that walking was important but it wasted my precious time. Now I am appreciating it and seeing it differently. There is healing in His presence. Find a ‘place’ of serenity in your life… ~Cam Richmond~ Please visit:

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