Is your allegiance with Him?

Is your allegiance with Him? Good is bad. Right is wrong. Black is white (and you can’t even say that!). Everything is upside down and back to front. Anarchy, lies, and judging each other are rife, and these are not His ways. So many people, and many many Christians, are caught up in movements, and methods (methods that involved wreaking destruction and creating division in today’s society), methods that are far from godly, and on top of that, they just don’t see it. It’s time to reexamine things in our lives in light of what is more pleasing to God than to ourselves and check that our allegiance is with Him. We need to behave how He would want us to behave and think about how He would want us to think. We can’t afford to align with anything or anyone less, whether its a ‘movement’ or a man. Seek…

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