Blessed to be a Blessing… A message for Christmas and every other day of the year!

We are blessed to be a blessing – we can be a blessing to so many people… Just think about all the people around us and some are in need that we know of and some are in need that we don’t know of… If you listen to people you can read and hear the signs  and then its simple to follow through from there on in! I’ve been thinking that really… WE NEED LESS of things and we need to GIVE more of things… love, care, time, wisdom, so much we can give for nothing… and then practically… we can give something little that can make a huge impact. This Christmas season this is my focus… We don’t have to help every person we come across but usually there are plenty of easy, free, inspiring ways we can… People in financial need – we don’t need to give a lot,…

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