~Living in the present~

 ~Living in the present~ If we live in the past it takes the responsibility off us for our ‘present’. We can get away with self pity, anger, resentment etc because we don’t have to acknowledge our behavior in the present. Living in the present and taking responsibility for it means we are writing a happy history! IF we KNOW all this and have a revelation of this then we CAN let go, not be affected and not ‘self-protect’, we will not dwell in the past and have pity parties or worry so much about the future and what will happen. Each step is one closer to the next thing being fulfilled in our lives that he has written. Time is ‘closing in’ on the thing we have prayed for and His will, will come. Just something to think about…. ~Cam Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit: http://www.facebook.com/lightforlifepage http://www.facebook.com/sayaprayerforme http://www.facebook.com/theanswerIvefound http://www.facebook.com/lovewithoutexpectationspage http://www.facebook.com/pages/AmazingEternalGrace

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Look up ahead and see….

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If you look up ahead you may see the beauty that surrounds, but if you focus on the foreground your peace can be robbed by the present! ~Cam Richmond~ ~ Light For Life ~  Feel free to like, tag, share and comment. If it speaks to you it may speak beautifully to someone else!  Please find more writing and inspiration from my via my Facebook Pages: www.facebook.com/lightforlifepage www.facebook.com/sayaprayerforme www.facebook.com/theanswerIvefound www.facebook.com/lovewithoutexpectationspage

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