The Man in the moon….

.ƸӜƷ. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY ƸӜƷ. The Man in the Moon… Out for a walk in the big old moon is shining on me. A huge beautiful Moon and it was only 18 March I thought the full moon was later or earlier in the middle? This morning God is the moon, quietly peacefully watching me everywhere I go. While I have been rushing around this huge beautiful moon has been quietly standing by and God is showing me that he is there with me all the time at every turn. I may not notice his presence because I’m so busy running around with all the things that demand my attention while God who is a gentleman Waits patiently for me to look up. The sun by day the moon by night. Whether I notice them or not they are overshadowing me. The sun is the one that shines brightly…

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