All of the above! But what will we do

Yes! All of the above… But what will WE DO? (Image courtesy of Bengin Ahmad –   What really should be done and can be done regarding the very many complex world problems we are having? Each of us must do something. Whatever we determine, we can do something. I have spent the morning here reading about so many stories of crisis around the world…. crisis crisis crisis…. If each of us DO what we can DO that will only be a start… the finish…. is not quite so simple…. I read an article which was very wise and balanced and to be wise everything must be taken into consideration. —->Heart breaking dilemma We truly need some kind of wisdom here… However we must also have a heart, a very big heart is needed. And then what….. Where will it all end? Can we solve these problems? Is there…

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Our Daily Prayer

What part does prayer play?  I have been thinking a lot about prayer…. I was asking some questions with friends in my FB group Eternity Matters 1) How do we talk to people, loved ones, friends and family in a meaningful way about Jesus? About eternity? About Jesus coming back? 2) How do you share with someone that Jesus is our Saviour if they don’t think they need salvation? The answer seems to point to prayer…. which could seem to some to be a passive answer!  But is it a passive answer? Or is it a powerful answer? Ask and it shall be given to you…. The effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much…. Prayer changes the spiritual landscape and builds the framework before we see the physical landscape change! Have you seen people come to faith through prayer? How do you pray for your friends and family? Do…

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The one…

The one… One by one people’s lives can be touched… one by one…. I love helping people one on one making them feel cared for. God always brings me the one, and then the next ‘one’ so I can encourage and walk along their journeys with them. It’s such a blessing to love people one by one. There will always be the ‘one’ and then the next ‘one’ in my life. And each and every ONE is special to me, bonded to my heart ♥ Keep loving the ‘ones’ that God brings along to you! One by one ♥ ~Cam Richmond~ Please visit:

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Life is full of opportunities… to understand.

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~Life is full of opportunities to try and understand other people!~ Its really worth trying to understand others, sometimes we may as well forget it because we will never understand but sometimes, by trying to understand someone else we can learn so much and see a whole lot of things we never really saw before. ~Cam Richmond~ Please find more writing and inspiration from my via my Facebook Pages:

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Quantity or Quality…

Been talking to a few different people over the last few days about friends, and friendship groups.  I used to be someone who had a lot of friends that I caught up with on a regular basis. I loved it but it also took a lot of time and work and even though it was mostly very pleasant, it’s not sustainable on a long-term basis. Over the last 8 years a LOT has changed in my life and in my circles… they changed completely actually… Learnt some long painful lessons but these were very valuable. You see I was under the delusion that people care more than  they actually do… I know it’s not always the case but its the truth. And it takes something painful to realise and acknowledge that this is a fact. I was involved with a large group of people and I always loved connection, encouraging…

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