The gift of love is eternal… indelibly loved!

The gift of love is eternal… indelibly loved! The gift of love is eternal. When we give love, it just keeps giving. The precious words ‘I love you’ are never wasted even if there is no response to you sharing your love. Love makes and indelible impression on people’s’ hearts. It may not show that it has hit its mark today, but the mark is there and hopefully one day it will be acknowledged. I remember long long ago when I didn’t know how to say ‘I love you’ but the ‘I love you’s’ were in me. I didn’t grow up hearing those words, I just kind of knew I was loved. I learnt to love through my now husband and his precious mum ♥ My second mum. Love was their language and I felt the love, I knew I was loved and I was told I was loved. I knew…

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The one…

The one… One by one people’s lives can be touched… one by one…. I love helping people one on one making them feel cared for. God always brings me the one, and then the next ‘one’ so I can encourage and walk along their journeys with them. It’s such a blessing to love people one by one. There will always be the ‘one’ and then the next ‘one’ in my life. And each and every ONE is special to me, bonded to my heart ♥ Keep loving the ‘ones’ that God brings along to you! One by one ♥ ~Cam Richmond~ Please visit:

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I forgive you….

  I forgive you…. I forgive you When you left me out When you broke my trust When you kept pressuring me When you made me feel small When you spoke harshly to me When you didn’t understand me When you broke my confidence When you didn’t reply to my messages When you didn’t let me know the answer When you cut me off and intimidated me When you didn’t care about me any longer When you made me feel silly about what I love When you ignored me in favour of someone else When I was of no service to you and you ignored me I forgive you We must forgive for our sake… It’s a command to forgive in order to be forgiven and it makes sense but forgiveness is also a gift that we give ourselves <3 ~Cam Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit:

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Decisions we have to make…

Decisions we have to make… Sometimes there are decisions you would rather not have to make, things you don’t want to have to do… But, it will sometimes come to it…. And then the best thing is to do what you need to do. Hands up who loves to avoid these situations!!! My hand used to be up a LOT more than it is these days, but by now I have learnt a lot of lessons that have taught me that avoiding isnt always the best thing to do. Avoiding prolongs the pain, delays the resolution, entangles people’s hearts and minds, makes the imagination go wild and can presume all manner of things that aren’t really true. More often than not these days I face things, sooner rather than later…  I know that the pain of going through it now is better than living with pain for a long time,…

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Love, pain, hurt….

Love, pain, hurt…. Love, pain and hurt…. They can send me back into my shell… In some ways I am becoming more like this… in some ways… Its hard not to climb back in when you get hurt… but it’s not in my nature to be a clam in a shell… It’s a bit of a tug of war.. I am sure love will win… ~Cam Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit:

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~Melted~ “When you heart has been wounded and it becomes hard, it’s not always easy to make it ‘feel’ again, and allow it to become vulnerable again… But one good thing is that God knows how to melt our hearts again and soften us and He has His ways at just the right time… Its good when it does happen and I hope and pray my heart remains pliable… I want it to stay melted, soft, and penetrable”. I actually wrote this a long long time ago but amazingly these revelations remain forever true and are always applicable in our lives, we will always encounter ‘heart hardening experiences’. Its something that I seem to have to fight against now and I know that I have become hardened in some ways but I think there must be a way to turn a heart hardening experience into a strengthening one rather than…

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