~Reflecting~ Thank you Lord for today. As you shine Your Light and love onto us please help us to reflect that love. Distance knows no bounds where Your Light is concerned Each of us has been given a shard of Light to carry with us. This reminds me of the days where a reflective object was used to signal to others, as the light caught it, the signal was passed on. Not even a word was necessarily spoken but the signal was sent and the message was received. Today Lord we send out a sign of love to the community you have placed us in ❤️ Just something to think about…. ~Cam Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit:

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To  solve or conclude (a question, controversy, or struggle) by giving victory to  one side. To determine or settle (something in dispute or doubt). To bring (a  person) to a decision; persuade or convince. Decide, resolve, determine imply  settling upon a purpose and being able to adhere to it. To decide is to make up  one’s mind as to what shall be done and the way to do it. To resolve is to show  firmness of purpose. To determine is to make up one’s mind and then to stick to  a fixed or settled purpose . NO ONE can decide for you! NO ONE can  decide for me! I am speaking most loudly to myself here! This is what  I have got on my mind… that I need to decide somethings. Deciding is a firm  thing, not a flimsy thing. Decide is a word that has strength in it, you…

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The New World of WordPress!

Well this is really officially my first post in WordPress. I’ve been writing for a long time and it has taken me a long time to make it to WordPress but here I am. It just seemed a little too complicated for me but I think I get the hang of it now, the basics anyway. I am looking forward to using this and gaining the benefits and experiences of ‘blogging’ to teach me more and reach more people with a positive inspirational touch to their days. You can find me on Facebook… Light for Life: The Answer I’ve Found : ….and also on Blogger at Light for Life:

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