The things we are fed.

What we feed on feeds us! I wonder if everything we see, read and hear from different sources is all propaganda of some description? I believe what I believe. You believe what you believe. They may be complete opposite beliefs… yet we both believe them. How can this be so? How do we really KNOW? People die and fight for what they believe.  And it might not even be the truth but they believed it is. How do we figure it out in a world filled with so many me-isms. (I will look after me – no one else will, look after No.1) How do we figure it out in a world filled with so many complete opposite versions of the ‘truth’? I guess it depends on whom you listen to?! Even the most seemingly reliable sources might be not telling what really happened, but it could well be what…

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Truth for Freedom

We are all sinners. Gods Word does describe all kind of sin. But we have all committed sin and still do. We mustn’t take it personally if we have fallen in ANY area of sin… we just need to ask for forgiveness. I know what the bible says. There are some hard things to hear in there, but the world is turning upside down, what was black is now white what was white is now black… the thing is God is in the middle and He has NOT changed… Yes he is our judge, but he also sent his only Son to die to pay the price for ALL of OUR sins to make the way open because he is also LOVE ♥ There are some people whose focus is judging others. I don’t think that should be our focus but never the less truth is truth… And someone needs to…

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VIEW POINTS AND STANDPOINTS “Just because someone looks right and talks right doesn’t mean they are right! Ask God for ‪#‎discernment‬“ ~Paula White~ A comment that followed this quote was “Be careful with who you trust the devil was once God’s most beautiful Angel”   This is a very timely message for all of us. The bible says that in the last days there will be a great deception, and that is already happening around us. There are all kinds of messages preached that ‘sound’ good at first, and I see Christians liking the messages by the hundreds. Interestingly these messages line up more with the world’s view point but don’t line up with a biblical stand point…   A pastor of mine once preached a message that churches need ‘the word’ and ‘the spirit in equal proportions’. He said it you are more word based then you can possibly…

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