All kinds of no….

  All Kinds of No… There is a ‘no’ that is perfect for every situation. There are many kinds of no that I still need to learn. I have grown and changed so much over the years that in some ways I barely recognize myself but there are still some no’s I haven’t conquered. No’s aren’t always completely obvious, they aren’t always seen as a no, perhaps more so as an answer, or to me often a polite response. No’s let other people know where we stand, what we like, don’t like, what we fear, what we welcome, what we feel uncomfortable with, what is unacceptable, what we don’t want to hear, what we don’t want to do, what we don’t want to experience. No is sometimes hard to conquer when you have grown up with a strong parent, or an over bearing parent, which was a large part of my growing up years, and my…

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