Finding Hope for a Brand New Day….

I’m thinking of you all that are struggling right now today… My heart goes out to you all..I have sat and read through my whole Newsfeed on Facebook and all the joy, hope, positivity, life and love that was contained in there. While it was so good to read and just what we need to be reading… I think of the ones that struggling right now… I sit here in bed, just sensing the anxiety that is going on inside me, it’s about a whole lot of different things, it’s not my choice, and I don’t want to feel this way but I do and my place is to share where I am at because I know that there are many others of you that are feeling the same way as me, and probably much worse… If you struggle with depression or anxiety it’s a very real thing, most of…

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Stronger Not Weaker…

  After having been through so many tests in my life, now I sense  when I am in one. And when I can   sense that I am in one then I  know that I want to do what I can to get through it more quickly rather than prolonging my stay by my unwillingness to at least TRY!  I wouldn’t want to go through all those tests again but thankfully they have shaped me to be who I am and actually, I am mostly quite happy with who I am! The tests have made me stronger and more confident rather than completely robbing me of hope and faith. Hopefully through them I will LEARN less lessons! They are rarely ever pleasant experiences mind you! ~Cam~

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