Truth Doesn’t Change…. Free For All

~Truth Doesn’t Change…. Free For All ~ Actually this is hard to write…. Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed these days is pretty scary. Christianity, the church, and religion is under attack. Have you noticed? How could you not? A new message, a new Jesus, a new church is being preached by the world and causing a shift in everything around us and the people (who are the church) have a choice to stand or shift with what is popular now? Everything will be shaken but if we stand on the Rock, Jesus, we will not be shaken when it counts. The bible prophecies what will happen, what is in fact happening right now. Its hard to know what to do, what to say anymore. Can we hold back the tide? God has a plan and it will unfold. How it will actually unfold is not known to us until it…

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