Don’t wait to say it….

Don’t wait to say it. Don’t keep those words. Send them out set them free to go where they will find a home in someone’s heart and by them healing can come, peace can be found, comfort can be restored, harmony will be returned, yes peace can be found… Don’t wait to say it. Don’t keep those words. ~Cam Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit:

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Removing the sting… 

Removing the sting… sting [sting] verb 1. to prick or wound with a sharp-pointed, often venom-bearing organ. 2. to affect painfully or irritatingly as a result of contact, as certain plants do: to be stung by nettles. 3. to cause to smart or to cause a sharp pain: The blowing sand stung his eyes. 4. to cause mental or moral anguish: to be stung with remorse. 5. to goad or drive, as by sharp irritation. Lots of ‘stings’ happen every day. I wonder how to deal with them? Stings can be around every corner. Is that only me or do you notice this too? Am I the only one to feel ‘stings’ that result from interactions that happen around us each and every day? Am I super sensitive or does everyone feel them? And then perhaps I also wonder do these experiential ‘stings’ blend into each persons background noise? I have arrived at a place in my life where I didn’t think I would really land… ‘Stings’ have driven me to a place where trust is getting quite limited.  I find that I am much happier to keep people at arm’s length! I finally came to that conclusion only this morning when a thought crossed my mind about someone, I honestly don’t know who it was, and I sensed some offense because I felt hurt or…

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Courage ….

~Courage~ There are times when we need to speak about things that make us feel uncomfortable. Things happen, things may not sit well with us, but that doesn’t always mean that they need to be spoken of. Often it’s just something we need to process ourselves and work out our own thoughts or beliefs. But, there are times when these things can become something we keep coming up to, we walk away and it comes back to us, they can become a stumbling block, things that begin to trip us up. When I say stumbling blocks, I am not referring to things that cause us to sin, but rather things that are getting in the way of our journey forward. Stumbling blocks can also become obstacles when they remain and continue to block our path forwards, and when stumbling blocks become obstacles then there is an impasse. Finding the courage…

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