Whose Battle is it?

I have been processing my internal thoughts and battles. I really NEED to stop trying to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I claim to not carry this weight but in fact, I do carry it.  I am human. The only way for me to not carry it, is for me to be spending a lot more time in prayer than I currently am, otherwise, how could I ever hope to keep my eyes open and take interest with what is happening all over the world? I would also have to close my eyes and stop looking. I am an observer, a see-er, an acknowledger, but then ‘knowing’ is carrying to a great extent. I see people in pain, in turmoil, hurt, broken, carrying shame. I see death, illness, murder, justification of heinous acts. I see addictions and allergic reactions to life’s events, trauma, turmoil, and no-win…

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