Life’s greatest lessons…

Be thankful for struggle, for pain, for discomfort. Life’s greatest lessons are in loss. For without loss, how could we value what remains? Or, what is to gain? Find victory in every defeat and never stop fighting… Every challenge is an opportunity. You shape who you will become. ~Jim Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit:

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Where do they all fit in…

One of the important lessons we need to learn in our lives is where everyone fits in… Get that right, and you have a whole lot less drama and pain! ~Cam Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit:

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New levels of conversation

                          When something grows there is usually a change in size whether that’s internally or externally. When we grow it doesn’t always hurt but even stretching can be uncomfortable. But we can’t go on without growth or we’ll be stagnant and maybe even shrivel. Growth might be uncomfortable but it also gives us more room and when we grow we usually fit what we are growing into better. There are lots of things that we need to grow into. Communication is one of those things…. sometimes painful, often uncomfortable and in the very least can be awkward. As we grow up we need to face new levels of conversation. There are things we must face if we are an adult that a child or adolescent can keep running from. Often our first reaction is a sharp one, pain…

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All kinds of no….

  All Kinds of No… There is a ‘no’ that is perfect for every situation. There are many kinds of no that I still need to learn. I have grown and changed so much over the years that in some ways I barely recognize myself but there are still some no’s I haven’t conquered. No’s aren’t always completely obvious, they aren’t always seen as a no, perhaps more so as an answer, or to me often a polite response. No’s let other people know where we stand, what we like, don’t like, what we fear, what we welcome, what we feel uncomfortable with, what is unacceptable, what we don’t want to hear, what we don’t want to do, what we don’t want to experience. No is sometimes hard to conquer when you have grown up with a strong parent, or an over bearing parent, which was a large part of my growing up years, and my…

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Courage ….

~Courage~ There are times when we need to speak about things that make us feel uncomfortable. Things happen, things may not sit well with us, but that doesn’t always mean that they need to be spoken of. Often it’s just something we need to process ourselves and work out our own thoughts or beliefs. But, there are times when these things can become something we keep coming up to, we walk away and it comes back to us, they can become a stumbling block, things that begin to trip us up. When I say stumbling blocks, I am not referring to things that cause us to sin, but rather things that are getting in the way of our journey forward. Stumbling blocks can also become obstacles when they remain and continue to block our path forwards, and when stumbling blocks become obstacles then there is an impasse. Finding the courage…

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~Fragrant When Crushed~

God showed me a quick picture of a beautiful flower. It was a rose; deep in colour and texture, exquisitely fragrant and perfect in form. We can draw many messages from the life of the rose up to this point. It has been grown with care, fertilised, nurtured, pests have been killed, diseases dealt with, it has been pruned hard and this has gone on year after year.We choose a perfect, beautiful rose, we put it in a vase, we enjoy its beauty and aroma in the room and hope that it will last long as it brings pleasure to the eyes and brightens the room. We may cut the rose from the bush ourselves or we may give or receive them as a gift. No matter how beautiful they are the same is true of every one; they have been cut from the bush at the height of their…

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