Divide and conquer

DIVIDE AND CONQUER This is the work of satan in this world, in families, marriages, in workplaces, in countries, political parties, and everything else. It’s so obvious, he comes to steal, kill and destroy. I believe what the mysterious ‘powers that be’ (whoever they are), are pointing us towards, is globalisation or the new world order. They have made huge inroads in that regard. They are utilising technology and media and forcing the planet to move faster than imaginable, into furthering their mission. All of a sudden, we can all work from home, we have to, we can automate most of our daily lives. We are losing more and more of our freedoms. I thought we lost a lot of freedoms when the same-sex vote went through. We lost the right to an opinion right there, a right to have and express our own beliefs. And now, we are all…

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Where is it all heading?

Where it’s all heading… I was out walking after work today and a few thoughts started collecting in my mind. I think that what has come to me is actually quite profound, and I know this is something God is showing me like you, I have been looking at the families out walking together during the day, people exercising or taking their dog for a walk, riding their bikes. I could see families in their houses serving up dinner all together at their tables, there was evidence of children who had been at play during the day, colourful drawings on the pavement and toys and play equipment strewn in front gardens… Its really quite an idyllic change in lifestyle that we are all experiencing, apart from the fact of course that there are all the terrible terrible ramifications that are also happening. In some ways its a little hard not…

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I want to be in that number!

  Are we on the cusp of His return? I think so, but regardless of what I think the signs of his return are practically fulfilled. No one knows the day nor the hour but we know the signs of His coming. We want to be in the number “when the saints go marching in” 🎶 He will come when that last ‘number’ is in. Will we be ready and waiting? How much do we long for our families and friends to be in that number? It’s time to pray, to turn with full hearts to our God, to submit ourselves to him, to seek him and I pray, be found carrying out his will through his plan for each of our lives. Is Jesus coming back soon? I think so! Maybe yes! maybe no? But we should live with this thought fresh in our minds as if he was.…

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This day in history

Lord I go into this day knowing you know this day in history. You know what is to happen and what won’t. You know each person’s life story today, where they are at, what their needs are, where their hearts are. Lord you know who will be born and you know who will pass into eternity and where that will be because you know each persons hearts, their choices and their destiny. Lord as I walk into today, I know you walk ahead of me into it. Hold my hand when i need it, whisper you love me, nudge me to speak up, tell me you believe in me, give me the words I need at just the right time, shield me from dangers near and far, point me in the right direction and show me the way to go. Knowing that you are here and now, knowing that you…

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Time Keeps on Slippin Slippin Slippin into the Future

We are building our future today… I don’t think we realise that it is going on right under our noses. Every thought, every word, every deed and consideration takes something of today and places it in the future. Its something that I don’t think we fully understand, but we are shaping what the future will look like. We may think that each day is a ‘stand alone’ day but really it is a building block. So when we say to ourselves it doesn’t matter… One more day can’t hurt, it may not seem to right now but every day counts. It counts for what we desire in coming days, our plans, our dreams and hopes and whether they will come to pass… One day, one day, one day… and the thing is we don’t any of us know how many days we have left. I don’t to leave words unspoken…

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