Be thankful…

Be very thankful for all that you have, for all that you have been given…  Don’t take it for granted. Be thankful for your family, or even if it’s just ONE good friend that stands by you or even just understands you and accepts you… Some crave for love, an arm to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold and they make it through, sometimes only barely… If we have more than one, we have more than many others. Quite a sobering thought really….. ~Cam Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit:  

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The one…

The one… One by one people’s lives can be touched… one by one…. I love helping people one on one making them feel cared for. God always brings me the one, and then the next ‘one’ so I can encourage and walk along their journeys with them. It’s such a blessing to love people one by one. There will always be the ‘one’ and then the next ‘one’ in my life. And each and every ONE is special to me, bonded to my heart ♥ Keep loving the ‘ones’ that God brings along to you! One by one ♥ ~Cam Richmond~ Please visit:

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His heart ache

His heart ache… God is love, His heart aches for the world and the state it is in… Eternity Matters… ‪#‎EternityMatters‬ Tonight my heart aches for the people being persecuted, murdered, slaughtered, raped, beheaded, run out of their homes, gunned down…. Tonight my heart aches for the lonely, for the broken, for the down and out, for the unfortunate, the homeless, the addicted… Tonight my heart aches for the estranged, the rejected, the lost, the ones missing, the ones taken to young, the ones that are not with us, the orphans, the widowed, the children who have no one and nothing… Tonight my heart aches for the lost that do not know the saving grace of Jesus, for those that do not know His love, His sacrifice, His generosity, His hope, peace and embrace… Tonight my heart aches for those that have known Him and walked away… that have turned their back,…

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“Hold my hand.. We’ll walk together”

~Hold my hand, we’ll walk together~ We all need the precious ones that God has connected into our lives. This is how we get through life’s dark seasons, with the love and support of each other. When times are dark we can help each other find the way out because even though we may not see the light… the ones He has placed around us do. At times it feels as if there’s no rhyme or reason in this world but one of the things are certain is the fact that we NEED each other. In the darkest of the dark moments of my life I held the hand of the earth angels that God had placed around me and they saw me through and helped me to find my way out… I also had a very strong sense that I had people who were as I would describe pillars, on every side of…

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