Being real…

At times I have struggled a bit with my faith…. not exactly with my faith, but staying strong in it. Seeing all that is happening around us, and wondering how on earth we can go forward in this world that is shuffling towards so many cliff edges?   It’s hard seeing these things happen around us, and it can really start to get to us… so scary to watch the vehemence of people against Christians, against our core beliefs, the judgment affronting us.   I felt heavy and burdened. I felt so disappointed and saddened by so much I was seeing, and from watching different people in leadership positions in some churches continue their march towards blending with the world. I felt like, that we as Christians are not fighting in the battle that we need to fight and that we had gotten sidetracked by many things. Seeing non-Christians adopt…

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Truth for Freedom

We are all sinners. Gods Word does describe all kind of sin. But we have all committed sin and still do. We mustn’t take it personally if we have fallen in ANY area of sin… we just need to ask for forgiveness. I know what the bible says. There are some hard things to hear in there, but the world is turning upside down, what was black is now white what was white is now black… the thing is God is in the middle and He has NOT changed… Yes he is our judge, but he also sent his only Son to die to pay the price for ALL of OUR sins to make the way open because he is also LOVE ♥ There are some people whose focus is judging others. I don’t think that should be our focus but never the less truth is truth… And someone needs to…

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I forgive you….

  I forgive you…. I forgive you When you left me out When you broke my trust When you kept pressuring me When you made me feel small When you spoke harshly to me When you didn’t understand me When you broke my confidence When you didn’t reply to my messages When you didn’t let me know the answer When you cut me off and intimidated me When you didn’t care about me any longer When you made me feel silly about what I love When you ignored me in favour of someone else When I was of no service to you and you ignored me I forgive you We must forgive for our sake… It’s a command to forgive in order to be forgiven and it makes sense but forgiveness is also a gift that we give ourselves <3 ~Cam Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit:

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