Be Careful What and Whom You Partner With…..

                      Just a little something that I have been thinking about recently…. The atmosphere is not just something that is around the earth… We all live in an atmosphere. This atmosphere is created by a LOT of things… Our thoughts, feelings, decisions and by the people who are close to us, people we work with, family,  people who we spend time with… like our friends… and even people we may just bump into or cross paths with! And we all KNOW that atmospheres are also created by people we are not friends with, people we struggle with for one reason or another. It may seem more obvious that these people have a huge opportunity to create an atmosphere for us but also likely to create atmospheres for us are the ones closest to us… These can be so subtle that…

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Taming of the Shrewd…

Sensing lately how strong my personality is sometimes, I am a pretty straightforward person really, but I do have strong likes and dislikes… Maybe its mostly going on on the inside but I am working on the taming of my attitudes, feelings, emotions and responses. Sometimes it seems loud but its the churning of thoughts that go around and ordering them and working out which ones should not be let out. Its a good thing to do! ~Cam Richmond~

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