Oh my goodness ‘JAMIE OLIVER’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhh… Jamie Oliver!!!! Of course I think Jamie Oliver is wonderful. I am not a devout follower as some are but I can appreciate his brilliance, his generosity, his care for people in so many ways, his charity work and his welfare work! All making such a big difference all around the world! I admit I was just as excited this morning when I was watching last weeks episode of Masterchef Australia that I missed while I was away on holidays. I mean out of all the guest chefs that have appeared on the show from around the world, I have never seen the contestants respond like that before. It was an emotional experience for sure when they started to realise that it was probably going to be him. I was even feeling emotional with them!!! And of course it was him and the episode was fabulous! Jamie Oliver is…

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