The Holy Grail of Love

Our mothers and our fathers can not save us and rescue us in the way we long for them to. As children our natural instinct, which is actually perhaps a supernatural instinct is to look to them for all of that. Sadly there are so many parents which devastate this undertaking to care for us, by their own frailty, their wounds and weaknesses or even by who they have become now, which may be just very hard or cold.Where did all this come from in them? Ironically from the same type of wounds that we may have received from them, either purposely or unwittingly. So still today, whether they have hurt us or not, we are longing for this rescue, saving, nurture and so much more from them and they may not themselves be able to give or receive what it is we long for. This supernaturally natural instinct is…

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The garden of your life…

The garden of your life… I love my garden. I spend time in it whenever I can. Pottering around, looking at the plants, watering them, doing a bit of pruning, putting in some garden beds, weeding, re-potting, tidying up and other similar things. I love my time out there. It really brings me pleasure. It brings me peace and solitude. I used to find this same comfort in my niece when she was a baby, all the kids in our family are in their teens now but a few years ago when I went through an extremely low season and was suffering anxiety for what seemed like months and when I would have a bad day I would often pop into my sisters place to visit and just have a cuddle of my niece. It was only this week that I realised that my garden and my niece were able…

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Don’t wait to say it….

Don’t wait to say it. Don’t keep those words. Send them out set them free to go where they will find a home in someone’s heart and by them healing can come, peace can be found, comfort can be restored, harmony will be returned, yes peace can be found… Don’t wait to say it. Don’t keep those words. ~Cam Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit:

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Camouflaging by comfort….

Camouflaging by comfort…. There are things that we do, friends that we have, patterns that we keep re-living which disguise what is really going on in our life, and when these things come to a stop it can be scary. When we see these things, as if for the first time, our first instinct is usually to run straight back to them because they have been or still are a security blanket, a help, a relief. In reality these things, these people, these distractions, will never really bring relief that we desire, they will only cover up the way we were actually feeling in the first place. It is finally when we feel this way that we are able to assess where we really are at that moment, and its then that we ever really have a hope of being free and achieving our potential. We must think twice before…

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The Man in the moon….

.ƸӜƷ. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY ƸӜƷ. The Man in the Moon… Out for a walk in the big old moon is shining on me. A huge beautiful Moon and it was only 18 March I thought the full moon was later or earlier in the middle? This morning God is the moon, quietly peacefully watching me everywhere I go. While I have been rushing around this huge beautiful moon has been quietly standing by and God is showing me that he is there with me all the time at every turn. I may not notice his presence because I’m so busy running around with all the things that demand my attention while God who is a gentleman Waits patiently for me to look up. The sun by day the moon by night. Whether I notice them or not they are overshadowing me. The sun is the one that shines brightly…

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