Do you misunderstand me?

Do you misunderstand me? Misunderstandings are so common… Half the time we probably don’t even realise when someone misunderstands us . And how often do we misunderstand other people? More often than we will ever realise! Much of the time the things that happen, and the things that we perceive are happening obviously go far deeper than we will ever see on the surface. Misunderstandings have created all kinds of told and untold damage in people’s lives… but how will we ever realise not to take part in misunderstandings? How will we ever realise that we are doing it as so often that it’s completely undetected. It’s like we are all walking around with paper bags on our heads hoping not to bump into each other in a crowded room – the chances of not bumping into each other are very low and the chances we will misunderstand each other are very…

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