God has planted eternity in the hearts of men

  Have you ever thought about Eternity? The bible says that God has placed eternity in the hearts of man. This is why we often think and wonder about what eternity holds for us. God made the way open for us to spend eternity with Him and each other through the death of His son Jesus on the cross. Jesus paid that ultimate price for our lives by giving His for us Consider eternity! Consider what it means… Consider your future and destiny, the how’s and why’s of it all… Then consider what you want, where you want to be… Choose you this day whom you will serve… as for me and my household we will serve the Lord… ~Cam Richmond~ [subscribe2] Please visit: www.lightforlifeinspirations.com www.facebook.com/groups/eternitymatters www.facebook.com/lightforlifepage www.facebook.com/sayaprayerforme www.facebook.com/theanswerIvefound www.facebook.com/lovewithoutexpectationspage www.facebook.com/theanswersivefound

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Learn your lesson well…

When I think of all the emotional upheavals that came with being a teenager and those during adolescence, not to mention the things that we were going through as we were growing up, I can tell you now for certain I would never want to go through all of that again. Do you remember that ‘heart pain’ that you felt deep on the inside, the ankst, the insecurity and confusion? Everything felt so vital, but yet it was only a piece in the puzzle. At around that age I think there must be some chemical or hormone that is being released inside you that elevates every emotion to a heightened sense. From the time that these difficult lessons start is the beginning of a major part of the making of who you will be. You begin to sense different things in your life causing you pain, and perhaps they shouldn’t,…

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Its out of my hands and in His!

   Its out of my hands and in His! God knows us better than we know ourselves. I am learning to defer to His choices in my life, especially when I look back and see how many times trusting him made all the difference and the outcomes were so much better than I could have imagined. Sometime ago I had an opportunity to have a say in a situation that would greatly affect my day to day life. It was very tempting to try and have my say and shift things around so that I might get what I thought that I wanted. I will admit that I did consider it, and I talked it over with my husband but at that same time I became completely aware that perhaps in this instance it might be better to leave this situation in Gods control. If it was meant to be…

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My life is a squeeze….

How do I unsqueeze my life? This is the question I had asked myself A LOT! I had spent months particularly trying to think of ways to re-jig my life and make it work better for me. So much I need to fit into each day and keeping everyone happy especially the ones that mean the most to me was challenging. I decided I could do at least 5 things at a time, or in a day and do them fairly well. That included things I need to do and things I want to do. I decided I didn’t really know how to measure that but I know I never only do one thing at a time, and more often than not, I will try and do way more than 5 things at a time. I would more likely try and do at least 10 things of the want and need variety. Sooo… Here…

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I have a strong sense at the moment that I am chasing myself around in circles. I am on holidays and I had planned on working  on streamlining things in my life but at the moment because I have been researching lots of different things that I havent had time to do before; I have actually created more OPTIONS for myself! In seeking to minimize I wonder how it is that the time I would need to do all these things got multiplied so easily? I mean after all there are only so many hours in the day and even then there are things we must do as a priority and also there are clearly limits to our physical bodies which exist in time and space! I think options are a great thing, I always want options. Ask my friends and family. Whenever its possible to have an option rather…

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