~Life’s landscapes and backdrops~

~Life’s landscapes and backdrops~ We go through seasons in life where everything we know is turned upside down. Sometimes the things that we least expected to happen, even though we may have known they were a remote possibility, shock us because they do happen. It can throw us for a six, it can destabilize us, it can confuse us, it can change the whole backdrop of our life and realistically all that just might happen… For some unknown reason I always live with the thought that the backdrop won’t change, I’m sure that I’m not the only one believing that! People in scenes of our life come and go. We just never know where the story line will take us and which characters will make come-back appearances, which ones will take starring roles and who the villains may be. The beautiful thing is that even though we may not see it right now, we will find joy…

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