Sweet and Bitter…


Today was Fathers Day in Australia.

Life doesn’t always end up like it does in the movies, and this is the truth for A LOT of families, more than we will ever know. And for this reason Mothers and Fathers Day celebrations are sweet and bitter…. Truth be told they have always been bittersweet to me. Clear memories of high expectations, fear of upsetting someone and tensions come to mind for me…. and so much more…

For the ones that have been hurt by their parents, not had a father in their life, or known who he was, or a mother that has done so much damage, whether purposefully or because she really didn’t know any better because of her own life, then the ones that have been rejected, abandoned, mistreated, neglected…. my heart goes out.

Interestingly because of this I kind of dislike reading all the loving messages on these days… partly because it reminds me of the dread of those stressful occasions through my own life and then I think of the pain of people who are not so fortunate as some and that on days like today there is no where for them go. If they acknowledge the day they acknowledge the pain. If they ignore the day, then the sight of everyone else’s celebrations only rubs it in or else the feeling of being alone must touch them.

So many people’s hopes and expectations hang on these days. I think that every day should be a day to love our family and loved ones and not on these commercialized occasions. I think from now on we should choose to make our own day based on love.

I am so thankful for my Dad, (my step dad by way of explanation). I don’t believe I have EVER felt that I was anything other than his daughter. He married my mum after my dad had died a few years prior. He took on 2 small children, in my brother and I, and he must have been good to us because even though I don’t remember much at all, I remember my brother and I talking, at the ages of probably 5 and under, and deciding we would stop calling him Uncle Norm and call him Dad… No one prompted us to do this. It wasn’t an easy childhood for us but he did the best he could for us.

If today was a hard day for you my heart truly goes out to you. Knowing that I have a heavenly parent always comforts me as He will never do any of the things that us earthly parents can do, His love toward us is perfect and unchanging. He will never leave us nor forsake us. No matter what. He loves us more than any human ever could ♥

~Cam Richmond~


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  1. Wow. I have felt similar feelings. My parents separated when I was about one year old. I never lived with my dad. I only saw him on brief visits. I don’t know his favorite food. I don’t know if he liked sports or what he watched on tv. He died when I was 17. The last visit from him was when I was 12, I think. My mom died when I was 28. I sometimes look at other families and some of my friends’ relationships with their parents. God allowed me to be born to my parents, so I am trusting that was His plan. I am glad you had a “second” dad to be good to you. He must be very proud of you and who you have become. 🙂

    • Oh thank you for sharing your story with me Myra. Families are by no means easy and so many have such trauma… I think that’s the normal thing.

      My mum who now has Alzheimer’s had some kind of undiagnosed mental illness, it caused our family to be quite dysfunctional and in continual trauma, anxiety and stress. I remember one particular Mothers Day not going to visit her. I was with my boyfriend, now husband and he said lets go out for the day… and I just remember sitting in the car and crying seeing all these happy families out and about that day… Its always held some kind of expectation and then let down for me… silly thing I want to cancel it =D

      Thank you for your encouragement <3

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