Surely 10 more minutes can’t hurt?

“The universe is not short on wake up calls.
We’re just quick to hit the snooze button!”
~Brené Brown~

I was waiting for the alarm to go off. I had set it to go off at 6.45 am and then I had allowed myself to snooze… just another 10 minutes…

In my half sleep state I was slightly wondering when the next alarm was going to go off but I allowed the lull of the moment to keep me in bed and knowing the second alarm would surely go off when it was time…. The bed was warm, it was still dark enough, and it was cold outside. Perfect orders for staying in bed.


Finally I dragged myself into consciousness and looked at the clock… Hmmmm 7.26am. How did it get to that? Could it be that I didn’t hear the second alarm? Could it be that I slept through it? Either way I missed it and that meant not getting up for my morning walk.


It spoke to clearly to me how easy it is to miss the signs.Did you hear the first alarm? I heard it on this occasion but I dismissed it. After all I knew there’d be another. Surely 10 more minutes can’t hurt.


Are you like I was, waiting for the second alarm? Or like me did you miss it?


If you are waiting for an alarm that means you know it’s going to happen. No one has to convince you there will be one.


How long can you afford to wait? Have you missed the second alarm already and have lulled yourself into a false sense of security?


This is so true of all the situations in our lives? Can we afford to wait? But the signs are all there in regards to Jesus return. Of course it’s been said the signs have been signs for 100’s of years but the truth is bible prophecy has been fulfilled now right up to the time of his coming.


I understand it might sound totally mad to you! I get that! It sounds mad to me too. Maybe even if it sounded mad to you, you believe it but you’d rather be in denial. Even so that doesn’t change what you know.


And of course it’s much easier to believe this is wrong and there’s a new interpretation that has to be right. Let’s hope you have time to figure it out!

~Cam Richmond~

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  1. What a wonderful reminder. Thanks, Cam!

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