Some things I have learnt this last week…

1. I have a limit:
I don’t know when it might come so I need to look out for it and get new strategies. Even if I am handling it ok right now, there is a point at which all of a sudden I start not coping. I need to be aware of that and that I can only do so much and then I have to walk away and not get pulled into solving a problem that I can’t solve.

2. Don’t play games and get sucked in:
I am learning how to handle situations with people who are agitated or upset…. I am learning to keep calm, keep a steady tone, not get pulled into the ‘game’ playing scenario.

3.What the real issue is:
I am learning that when people are upset there is often something else at the bottom of the whole thing, people deflect their agitation onto other things but if you dig just a little, in the right way at the right time you can find out what the problem really is! You can find on what is going on beneath the surface. The root of the problem might not be anything to do with what is happening on the surface.

When we can begin to grasp these things it does help us to deal with things in a much calmer way. It’s like God gives us the x-ray eyes to see right through to the core of the issue!!

When I can look at the things happening around me like this it is kind of like an ‘out-of-body experience’ for me. And then if I get pushed that little bit further and I reach my limit it’s when I re-enter my body and then I may feel the pain.

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~Cam Richmond~

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