Unresolved issues that can be resolved are much more of a problem than we realise.

If you sense that peace is evading you… And even if you don’t realise then you must realise that unresolved issues cause far more inner turbulence and unrest than you imagine.

Much like a dull toothache that think you can live with both cause pain and harm.

A visit with the dentist (in this case A.K.A God) will give you the best course of treatment.

The tooth may need to come out, or he will tell us the best course of action for this particular pain.

Dentists don’t usually go out of their way to cause pain… But the pain caused in treatment is the only way to eradicate the pain.

Then health, and peace can be restored…

Hmmm I wonder if some people who avoid doctors and dentists in place of their own home remedies also prefer to sort out their own inner turmoils, prefer to try to ignore pain and hope it goes away, and live with this inner turbulence of the unresolved.

The pain of the pain on the end is often worse than the treatment for it! My hats off to all of you who despite the pain are treating it.

Even if you are unable to resolve things in the way you would like, sometimes this is not possible but you can take it to the dentist and he can still treat the infection.

Just something to think about!

~Cam Richmond~

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